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Greater Dallas Community Development Corporation CDC

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 Those invested in your organization and those impacted by your organization.

Stakeholders Invested in our CDC Organization  

The following stakeholder groups invest in The Greater Dallas Community Development Corporation CDC. Their stake is determined by their sacrifice and contribution to the success of the CDC.

Investors: Shareholders, owners and public investors invest money. These individuals may also invest time and expertise into the work.

Employees: Employees, whether compensated or voluntary, invest time and energy in this mission. The best of these individuals also invest a lot of passion.

Partners: Suppliers,  joint ventures and contracted parties will also invest something in the CDC organization. Whether it is components of your products or services that help you succeed, partners also have a stake in the CDC.

Stakeholders Impacted

Other stakeholder groups are impacted by the community CDC. While these individuals may not invest directly in our mission, they are impacted by our actions and results.

Community:  The physical community is impacted by land use and the people that comprise our CDC. The logical community is also impacted by association – these include members of the field and industry.

Social Cause: Whether it is a charity or investment in the environment, how we impact social causes also creates stakeholder groups.

Employee Families: Families of employees are all impacted the CDC. These impacts include the time they give up with loved ones, the demeanor of employee when they return home and, of course, the salary and benefits.

Stakeholder Circles

When making decisions The Greater Dallas Community Development Corporation CDC, considers all these stakeholders, and requires this broad perspective. Instead of talking about our customers, clients or constituents, The CDC uses the term, “Stakeholder” to remind ourselves and others of our full accountability.



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Stakeholders Types

Business Stakeholders

Business stakeholders include: Investors, government, customers, community, employees, employee families and partners.






Nonprofit Stakeholders

Nonprofit stakeholders include: Donors, government, clients, community, employees, employee families, volunteers, volunteer families and partners.




Church Stakeholders

Church stakeholders include: the broader church, congregation, congregant families, community, staff, staff families, volunteers, volunteer families, ministries and  outreach recipients.





Political Stakeholders

Political stakeholders include: donors, government, constituents, community, employees, employee families, businesses and nonprofits.


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