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Greater Dallas Community Development Corporation CDC
Mission & Vision

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

Greater Dallas Community Development Corporation 

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Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

The Greater Dallas Community Development Corporation's mission is to revitalize community bases by lead development  in  both public and private sectors,  to advance community prosperity by shaping and influencing  Partnerships with strategies that advance productivity.


Our belief is about empowerment. We know you can not really empower a person because that comes from within, It's call self empowerment. So we provide the vehicle and the influence gives the them the drive.

 The Greater Dallas Community Development Corporation CDC is a network unifies the community development field. We know a stronger, healthier, communities  will provide stronger neighborhoods for those who live there.

Community Economic Development Engages:

  • Social Justice 

  • Culture Equality

  • Racial Relevancy

  • Economic Development

  • Community Violence Intervention

  • Organizational Leadership

  • Low and  Moderate-Income

  • long-Term Commitment

  • Private Investments

  • Engages Educations Institutions  

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