The Best Education for The BEST QualificationS

Our community CDC has addressed the needs of the community and abroad for over 17 years. Through nonprofit and Philanthropic and humanitarians we have established a Christ University that can meet the needs for education on a global level.

Harvest Christian University is one of the Many Global Efforts  we have developed over the years. The School will host many programs from Medical and Law to Trade Schools and  Certification Programs that open doors to great opportunities.

We launched Greater Dallas LifeSkills & Anger Management Group Behavioral Health Program with more than a dozen locations over the Dallas & Fort Worth area. The Clinics address anger management, life-skills, domestic violence, divorce and child custody guidelines..  With certified counselors we have seen tremendous impacts  form homes to churches. We also our very own curriculums and class facilitation that leave the students with a take-away that is sustainable to growth. Our system is evidence based and interactive.

Our third leg  involves the Market Place. We train certify and commission Chaplains to enter the work place of mid to small enterprises. All our chaplains are certified counselors with a minimum of a masters in counseling. They are trained along with Red Cross and FEMA. These Chaplains are also qualified in Emergency Medical and First Responders The CDC began this program in 2009.