Mission Driven

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Greater Dallas Community Development Corporation Tax ID# 75-2530003 


The CDC was formed & Incorporated in 1994. The purpose of the CDC Non Profit was effectively reach ad-risk communities namely children, families that were struggling and suffering .


Our goal was to conquer everything standing in the way from food to behavioral health, and after over 26 years we are proud of the accomplishments that made a difference in measurable differences in the lives of every life the CDC's staf, officers, workers and volunteers touched. How about that for a mission statement!


We were there in the Katrina Hurricane Displacement Disaster and COVID-19 and we will be there in the future.

As a CDC we cover many different needs from Homelessness to Strip Malls. We procure Real Estate as well as Education and Certification Programs, Domestic Violence and Behavioral Health while addressing Consumer Debt ans Consumer Credit Education. We also partner and donate to other NonProfit Organizations and Operations.

The Roots Will Determine The Grass

Office Space
Community Education

Educational Programs are a must in any civilized society. The CDC is standing on the cutting edge of education and higher learning

Doctors with Bacteriological Protection

Early warning and adhering to safety guidelines are key for survival and saving lives. Distanting and sanitation will save lives.

Dollar Bills
Credit & Debt Counseling

Debt income ratio is the root problem in the debt and credit world. Balancing and budgeting are key but a better job means more money to manage.

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